Invest in Financial Wellness 

BrightDime® offers everything your company needs to succeed with financial wellness today.

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is making informed, smart financial decisions and
feeling confident about it. It's taking small steps now to feel more secure about the future.

Why Financial Wellness?

of employees say that uncertainty about money is the biggest stress they face in the workplace.1
of employees admit they've skipped work in the last year to deal with financially-related stress.1
of employees say they believe that financial education boosts productivity.1
of HR professionals consider “wellness programs” to be one of the most important benefits they can use to promote engagement.1
1 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau "Financial Wellness at Work"

The BrightDime® Financial Wellness 
benefits program

Personalized Platform
One on One
Financial Coaching
through Education


BrightDime® provides real-time 360° view of your holistic financial picture.

  • Improve spending habits, set budgets, and tackle debt reduction.
  • Keep track of everything: 401k, HSA/FSA, bank account, mortgage, brokerage account, and more.
  • Set goals and track progress to keep moving towards financial security.


Individualized BrightDime® education creates confidence and smarter financial decisions.

  • Tailored education treats people as individuals providing relevant content when it matters most.
  • Learn in context. Understand important financial concepts by seeing how they impact your financial situation.
  • Relieve stress by demystifying financial jargon. Understand what's important and what isn't.


Unbiased BrightDime® coaching and consulting provides guidance and eases financial stress.

  • Reduce stress by providing financial coaching on demand to support employees during difficult financial circumstances.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing guidance on important financial decisions.

What makes BrightDime® different?

We're an independent, unbiased ally helping employees reduce stress, make better financial decisions, and take control of their financial lives.
Our combination of targeted education, on-demand coaching, and personalized tools gives everyone in your company access to a financial wellness solution tailored to exactly their needs.
$413 saved
Increasing Financial Wellness can save $413 per employee each year
3x ROI
Every dollar invested in Financial Wellness saves companies up to $3